1. Journal of Indian Veterinary Association - Kerala (JIVA) publishes papers of original work as full-length research articles, review articles, case reports and short communications from all fields of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.

2. Papers shall be accepted by the editorial committee for publication based on the facts mentioned below and on the concrete understanding that

a. The paper submitted has not been published before and also it is not being considered for publication elsewhere. All authors should sign a certificate to this effect with respect to each article.

b. The authors shall also certify that they are responsible for any legal disputes arising out of infringement of copy rights, plagiarism, under or misrepresentation of facts and that the editorial board shall not be held responsible for the above said actions under any circumstances.

c. All authors are jointly responsible for the contents published in the article. The Editorial Committee under no circumstances shall be responsible for the contents published in the article. Names, qualifications, full addresses, affiliations and email ID of all authors is mandatory. Details of the corresponding author and address of the institution/place where research work has been undertaken must be clearly specified.

3. For publishing in the journal, article may be submitted by email to

4. Articles may be typewritten in MS Word, Times New Roman, font size 12 pt and 1.5 line spacing in A4 size paper (strictly adhere to the standard font and format mentioned). Research Article, case reports and short communications may be in the following format

a. Title - Title of the article should be clear and concise.

b. Author(s) – Designation and Affiliation with full address and pin code

c. Full Papers - Abstract (not more than 200 words), Keywords (not more than 6 words), Introduction, Materials and methods, Results and Discussion, Summary, Acknowledgment and References. The full papers should not exceed 8 printed pages and word limit for research article is 3500 words, including tables, graphs etc.

d. Case Reports - Abstract (not more than 100 words), Keywords (not more than 6 words), Introduction, Case history and Observation, Treatment and Discussions, Summary, Acknowledgment and References. The full papers should not exceed 5 printed pages.

e. Short Communications - Abstract (not more than 100 words), Keywords (not more than 6 words), Introduction, Materials and methods, Results and Discussions, Acknowledgment, and References. Short communications should not exceed 3 pages.

f. Tables, photographs, graphs etc. should bear the reference number (Table 1,Table 2 etc) and the title.

g. Page limit is inclusive of figures, photographs and tables.

h. References should be arranged in alphabetical order. Reference should be given in the format Name of the author (s), followed by year, Title, Name of the Journal, Volume, Issue and Page Number. 

Eg. For articles in research journals: Varshney, J.P., Varshney, V.P. and Hoque, M. 2003. Clinico-haematological, biochemical, endocrinological and ultrasonographic findings in canine babesiosis. Indian J. Anim. Sci.73 (10): 1099-1101.

Eg. For chapters in books: Benjamin, M.M. 2013. Outline of Veterinary Clinical Pathology, 5th Ed., Iowa State Univ. Press, Ames, U.S.A. p. 91.

Eg. For articles published in scientific proceedings: Barker, J.S.F. 1994. A global protocol for determining genetic distances among domestic livestock breed. In:Proceedings of the 5th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production 21: 501-508.

5Processing and publication fees: Publication fees per article (authors inside India): Members of Indian Veterinary Association, Kerala: Review article: Rs.1500/-, Research article: Rs. 1100/-, Case report: Rs 750/-, Short communication: Rs. 500/-. Non-Members: Review article: Rs. 3500/-, Research article: Rs. 2500/-, Case report: Rs 2000/-, Short communication: Rs. 1500/-.

Publication fees (overseas article) Same as the publication fees of non members for each category of articles.

Publication fees (invited review articles): Nil. 

Institutional charges for yearly subscription of the journal: Rs. 1000, Rate of one copy of the journal: Rs. 400.

Printed copy of the Journal will be sent to the first author inside India free of cost. The publisher reserves the right to upload all editions in the official website of JIVA and IVA Kerala.

6. Mode of payment of Processing and publication fees: DD / Cheque favouring JIVA payable at Thrissur. Online payment – A/C Details: JIVA C/O IVA, Kerala No.0059053000091339 South Indian Bank, Ollukkara, Branch, Thrissur District, Kerala. IFSC Code: SIBL0000059. (DD/Cheque to be sent by post and scanned copy of receipt to be emailed to Editor as proof of payment). The payment shall be remitted in Indian Rupees and no other currency will be accepted.

7. Each article will be allotted a reference number. Authors should mention the reference number in all correspondences.

8. The decision of Editorial Committee is final in all matters pertaining to publication of article.

9. From 2020 onwards, best article award will be given to three research articles, one short communication and one case report annually, based on the recommendation of the evaluation committee constituted for the same.

Declaration by Authors

The authors shall submit declaration stating that manuscripts meet the requirements stipulated by JIVA at the time of submission (Declaration form no. 1). If the article gets accepted for publication after review process, authors shall submit the revised document along with a declaration to the effect that corrections suggested by the reviewer were carried out. Details of payment of publication fee should also be communicated (Declaration form no. 2).

Copyright and License

The author/s retains copyright of published articles, under the condition that readers will be permitted to copy, redistribute or develop derivative works, provided due credit is given to the authors.