Case Report (Published online: 29-04-2024)
Sarika, N*, Peter, N and Sunitha, K
jivaonline, 97-103
Sarika, N*, Peter, N and Sunitha, K: ICMR-EMR Project, CVAS, Mannuthy-680651

Colibacillosis is the localized or systemic infection caused entirely or partly by avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC) and is manifested as a wide range of disease conditions in poultry including colisepticema, coligranulomatosis ( Hjarre’s disease) and air sac disease (chronic respiratory disease -CRD). The present study was undertaken to investigate the clinico-pathological changes associated with pigeon colibacillosis. The cause was identified following isolation, biochemical tests and histopathological examination. The organism was identified as Escherichia coli and the treatment was suggested based on the antibiotic sensitivity test. A small step of prompt disease diagnosis and treatment can bring about a major leap in controlling the multiple drug resistance.

Keywords : Colibacillosis, E.coli, Antibiotic sensitivity, Pigeon.

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Article history: Received: 20-12-2023, Accepted : 10-04-2024, Published online: 29-04-2024