Review article (Published online: 30-04-2020)
Joseph Cyrus Parambeth
jivaonline, 9-17
Joseph Cyrus Parambeth: Small Animal Internist, VCA Alta Vista Animal Hospital, 2616 Bank St. Ottawa, Canada

           Hypoadrenocorticism (HOC) is an uncommon, but easily overlooked clinical entity in the dog that carries an excellent long-term prognosis, if diagnosed accurately. This review discusses the etiology, physiology,  pathology, clinical and, laboratory findings associated with HOC in dogs. It explores diagnostic tests, and the treatment for the acute and the chronic canine patient with HOC in the Indian subcontinent. Early dentification and aggressive supportive care, remains the cornerstone of management.

Keywords : CIRCI, HOC, glucocorticoid, mineralocorticoid

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Article history: Received: 20-04-2020, Accepted : 30-04-2020, Published online: 30-04-2020

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